Would You Buy a Used Car From the Mossad?

Government agencies often hide behind banal names that only thinly disguise their true nature. Some years ago we revealed here that the official name of the Mossad, as it appears in the state budget and other official documents, is Prime Minister’s Office, Tel Aviv.

But apparently one name isn’t enough. Browsing through government websites one finds another otherwise anonymous organization, this one called Prime Minister’s Office – Coordination. It doesn’t appear on the website of the Prime Minister’s Office website, nor can you look it up in the Bezeq phone directory, but it does make a showing in a number of official publications, such as the Accountant General’s directives for requisitioning fax paper and printers for various ministries, as well as in a directive for purchasing photographic paper.

All this is pretty trivial; someone must sign the orders for office supplies. But Prime Minister’s Office – Coordination also shows up in a rather unexpected place: the Transportation Ministry’s list of certified car dealers in Israel. The mailing address, according to a website of certified businesses in Israel, is P.O.B 33606, Tel Aviv.

Additional Internet searches reveal that this is also the mailing address of Agmon, the organization of Mossad pensioners. More searching finds that the post office box is located in the post office of the Hadar Dafna building in Tel Aviv, formerly Mossad headquarters.

Could it be that Mossad chief Tamir Pardo is actually a used-car dealer? Or was the Mossad simply too lazy to bother renting another post office box?

Mossad chief Tamir Pardo.Credit: Moti Milrod

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