AR Challenges Ltd. One of the Leading and Strategic companies Serving Israel Interests

We are honored to have a friendly interview with Rafi Sela, the founder and CEO of AR Challenges. He has extensive management and technical experience in Israel, Western Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia. He is specialized in the field of internal security, industrial process control systems, computer software and hardware, logistics database management, strategic consulting for security strategy development, team collaboration and technology between Israeli and North American organizations, mainly in security and defense markets. AR Challenges is one of the leading and strategic companies in providing the political and economic security interests of Israel. One of the top priorities for the Israeli security system is the development of cyber influence in the Middle East.

Rafi Sela, Founding Partner and CEO at AR Challenges

– Please introduce AR Challenges briefly:

AR Challenges together with its affiliate security experts and technology providers, offer unique approaches to the growing needs of protection against crime and terrorist attacks in three major areas.

Transportation Security: Airport / Aviation, Seaport, Train and bus terminals and truck cargo

First Response: Emergency Mobile Medical Hospitals and its complete staff training, High Rise Building Rescue system, mobile response system.

Safe City: Safe Communities and cities with full support of various equipment and advanced applications.

AR Challenges offers unique approaches to the growing needs of protection from crime and terrorist attacks in the following fields.

* Airport security and operations efficiency.

* First responders’ equipment, systems and training.

* Port and marina security and management.

* Public transportation security and management (bus, mass-transit and rail).

* Critical infrastructure security (utilities, pipelines, power stations and grids, dams and dikes, army bases).

* Corporate security (executives and assets).

* Food production and distribution security management.

* Security, information and communications systems and technology.

* High volume public area protection (Olympic Games sites, schools, universities, ball parks, stadiums, shopping malls).

A unique advanced complete Airport / Aviation Security system installed operated and maintained utilizing current security tax funds with no cost to the country and using local manufacturing and private security companies is considered to be an important feature of our company.

– What projects does your company currently have inside and outside of Israel?

AR Challenges has several affiliations and joint ventures with key people and organizations in Israel that offer exceptional knowledge, experience and advanced technologies to protect air, sea and land from terrorist attacks.

AR Challenges represents over 30 key companies which supply technologies and systems to various counter terrorism organizations both in Israel and abroad. These key companies are perfect candidates for teaming and joint ventures with local companies to better serve the local markets.

The Ben Gurion airport in Israel is arguably the airport with the highest level of threat in the world and, at the same time, one of the safest in the world. Our company’s success in providing the full security of this Airport has made us able to provide these unique specialized services for the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, and several other airports in Europe. Many great international airports in the region and the world are currently requesting close cooperation with us. AR Challenges also has an advanced technology and modern operating system to ensure port security. Our consulting services are for the purpose of increasing the success rate in land and sea operations, including the improvement of the containers and ships security. For the past ten years our system has been used effectively and successfully in the ports of Israel without a single incident. This system was responsible for 100% success in eliminating terror activities. Currently, besides the ports of Israel, several ports in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and other countries are run with the help of our systems.

– Due to the normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab countries, I know that you have started major activities in these countries. Please explain us a little about that:

We’ve started close cooperation with various companies in Bahrain, UAE, Morocco and Sudan from two years ago. The most serious cooperation is currently formed with G42 consortium. Our company is currently working as a consultant and main partner with G42. All contracts are signed in partnership with us. As an example, the Taliban government handed over the control and screening services of Afghanistan’s airports to GAAC in May. This company had this responsibility before the Taliban came to power. According to the bilateral agreement of the UAE government and senior officials of the Taliban in the Afghanistan, the GAAC Company would be responsible for control and screening at Kabul, Herat, Kandahar and Mazar-e-Sharif airports with the participation of AR Challenges technicians for the next three years. You know that technical and security services may not bring much commercial benefit to the airport management of a country, but our participation in the management of Afghanistan airports has a strategic value for the Israeli army, Mossad and other security structures. Airports are a key source of information about internal and external movements in a country.

Thank you so much for your time. Is there anything else you want to add?

AR Challenges is an Israeli company, with international field of activity that has the ability to support global, national and local organizations that want to protect themselves against terrorism and crime. AR Challenges provides excellent solutions for innovative technologies and services for homeland security needs at various levels. AR Challenges can create a strategy for Israel in the Middle East and deal with major threats, and this is the main thing that we are all proud of.

It should be noted, that our investigations show that GAAC is a provider of specialized services for “protection of civil aviation against illegal interference”. This company, along with Smart Nation, AIS, Longport, Afroport, belongs to the G42 group which are property of the ruling family of Abu Dhabi.

Cooperation of G42 Holdings of Emirates with Israel’s AR Challenges Ltd. of Afghanistan’s airports management, and soon the airports of Sudan, Somalia and other Middle Eastern countries, is considered one of Israel’s greatest strategic successes in the region. This success has been achieved in the shadow of the normalization of relations with Arab countries. This success will lead to the development of Israel’s wide influence in the Middle East by having a military and economic alliance and establishing a radar system.

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